Frollie’s Fitness Follies was created by writer and personal trainer, Melanie Bolen, in an effort to help educate comic lovers of all ages about health and fitness.

“I’ve loved comics for my whole life, and I’ve loved fitness since the age of 24.  I knew I somehow wanted to combine these two things together.  In 2012 I came up with the idea of having a ‘Superhero Fitness Challenge’ at the C2E2 convention to help spread my excitement for things of a geeky nature combined with things of a fitness nature.  The booth went well, but I knew I wanted to do more.  I started pondering the idea of having a fitness based comic during that convention, but it took almost a year for the idea to development and start to make sense for me.”

Melanie met artist Cynthia Narcisi when they were both instructing yoga at the same gym.  This was the first time she’d met anyone of a similar mindset in both fields.  Cynthia’s artwork even helped to inspire the development of the main character of the comic (who Melanie originally thought would be human, be decided to change to animal) and what the comic would end up being.  Through the creative minds of Cynthia and Melanie, Frollie was born!

“Our main goal is that Frollie will help to inspire people to make positive changes in their lives.  Our hope is that this comic is enjoyed by all ages and that they find it funny, cute, and educational.”

Frollie gets the news that his health isn’t exactly where it should be from his doctor, but he’s never worked out before in his life, and he doesn’t even know where to get started! Luckily, his roommate, Meg, is a fitness instructor. Her energy and positive attitude will help Frollie on his journey towards finding a form of fitness he enjoys, as well as learning to eat more healthily. He will have many obstacles to over come, and it doesn’t help that his roomate’s dog, Brutus, likes to tease and taunt at every turn.

Follow Frollie as he tries many forms of fitness and slowly learns how to become more healthy and live a more fulfilling life!