FrollieFrollie, our fearless hero, is a calico colored panda bear who’s never really been into exercise before.  He’s never been a lover of fitness, as that’s not really in a panda bear’s nature.  Despite living with a fitness fanatic for the past year, he always thought his health was fine… that is, until he got a note from his doctor diagnosing him as being “pre-pandabetic.”  Now he’ll work together with Meg to try and get his health back in order.  Perhaps he’ll even learn to love fitness in the meantime!


MegMeg, Frollie’s roommate, is currently in college studying to earn her BFA in Exercise Science, and she teaches various group fitness classes on the side to earn money and get experience in the field. She’s eager to help Frollie get his health back and will do what she can to help him find a solution that will work for him, because it will also help her gain confidence in her own abilities to help people and help her put to work everything that she’s learning in school.


BrutusBrutus, Meg’s bulldog, has lived the easy life. He sleeps, he eats, and then he sleeps some more. He finds Frollie’s fitness escapades to be silly and can’t wait to find moments to taunt him about it.